Israel Canada

Israel and Canada are friends & allies. To claim I suggested otherwise, and to invent a comparison I never made, is dishonest & cynical. Canadians deserve better from their political leaders, @ErinOTooleMP . I trust you will apologize for your deliberately dishonest comments today.

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Israel Canada

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Mitch McConnell has kept a lot of bills, even ones with bipartisan appeal, from getting a vote because they divided his caucus or disrupted his donors. The fact that Chuck Schumer will now get to bring these bills to the Senate Floor opens up opportunities to get things done.

Prediction: we're going to find that this is true of every policy area. Aside from efforts to cage children and so on, it will turn out that the Trump admin was hollow

President Biden will keep Christopher Wray on as director of the FBI, @NBCNews  has learned.

LOOK: A doorframe fitted with a plastic sheet and long plastic sleeves at a hospital near Rome became a hugging area to allow Covid-19 patients to embrace their relatives in a safe way

Trump’s legacy will be that of a political leader who, at a time when American politics was still adjusting to social media and user-created content, leaned into the polarization of American politics rather than pay lip service to "unity." | @ThoBishop 

Crisps lorry held up for two days by Northern Irish Brexit checks, MPs told. Plus: Dover operations running smoothly. Only 200 trucks turned away over two days

Biden halting wall construction is risking public safety: Former border patrol chief @MorningsMaria  @FoxBusiness 

United Airlines sank after failing to forecast when a demand rebound would improve results

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ECB President Christine Lagarde says the euro-zone economy probably contracted at the end of last year, meaning that the bloc now looks headed for a double-dip recession

Trump has no legal team or strategy for Capitol riot impeachment trial