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Suncha Kim, 69, had 2 kids, 3 grandkids: a college grad; a middleschooler aspiring to speed skate for the U.S.A; another in college. She wanted to grow old w/ husband, watch children/grandchildren “live the fruitful life I worked so hard to give them.”

First Biden news conference: Not a single question about the pandemic.

NEW: With viral spread, mutations + coronavirus vaccinations in flux, the pandemic in U.S. is now at an unpredictable phase in which human behavior may be the most incalculable variable. And people are not operating by a singular playbook. @JoelAchenbach 

Beverly Cleary, beloved author who created Beezus and Ramona and Ralph S. Mouse, has died. At 104.

NEW: This new CDC study is significant because it analyzed how well the vaccines worked among diverse group of front-line working-age adults at higher risk of exposure. Really good news. My story.

NEW: This @CDCgov  study is significant + good news because it analyzed how well the coronavirus vaccines worked among a diverse group of front-line workers whose jobs put them at higher risk of exposure. My story.

NEW: The virus that has kept an entire planet toggling between hope + dread for the past year is having one last go at the U.S. The spread of highly contagious variants and prematurely relaxed safety precautions has set off new alarm. Our latest story.

BREAKING GOOD NEWS: Fully vaccinated people may travel, CDC says in updated guidance, pointing to growing evidence of vaccine effectiveness and pace of shots in arms. w @loriara 

NEW: A behind-the-scenes peek at the decision-making that led to Biden health officials pausing Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, including a Monday night Zoom call. w @lauriemcginley2  @FrancesSSellers 

The CNN producer, an Asian American, alleged that while covering the April 13 protests, she was thrown to the ground, had her hands zip tied before a Minnesota State Patrol trooper later asked her: "Do you speak English?" via @NBCNews 


NEW: CIA veterans who monitored crackdowns abroad see troubling parallels in Trump handling of protests. “This is what autocrats do," said one former analyst. "This is what happens in countries before a collapse. It really does unnerve me.” @gregpmiller 

JUST IN: CDC gets a list of forbidden words that include fetus, transgender, diversity. Analysts were told they can't be used in preparing documents for next year's budget. Their reaction: ‘Are you serious? Are you kidding?’ My story, with

NEW: In interview w/me, CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus is likely to be worse because it will coincide with flu season. Look how overwhelmed health system is in this 1st covid-19 wave. Now imagine 2 respiratory outbreaks at the same time.

NEW: The 14 Americans who were infected with coronavirus were flown home from Diamond Princess this week to U.S. against the advice of CDC. Passengers on the plane were not informed. Me with @JoelAchenbach  @LennyMBernstein  @ShibaniMahtani .

SCOOP: When HHS sec announced this wk that federal govt would begin releasing coronavirus vaccine doses reserved for 2nd shots, no such reserve existed, according to state/fed officials briefed on plans. Reserve was already exhausted. w @isaacstanbecker 

NEW: CDC is sending experts to help this tiny Pacific island fight a deadly and growing measles outbreak where 32 children have died. Island has been target of anti-vax activists. Our story.

NEW: There are now nearly 1.5 billion children around the globe — or 87 percent of Earth’s student population — whose schools have closed because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. @valeriestrauss 

BREAKING: A second case of coronavirus found through spread in California. a 65-year-old resident of Santa Clara County with no known history of travel to countries hit hard by outbreak, sources tell us. Me w @LennyMBernstein