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Gundlach on cannabis: “mania”

Gundlach on the vaping boom: “horrifying”
Gundlach on recruiting and management: “ I generally like to hire people who either I know or who know nothing.”
Gundlach has an entire team that just studies correlations
Gundlach on investing opportunities: "I think what's important is to look at the news flow and watch for those times when the news doesn't change, but the interpretation does, or the news does change, and the interpretation doesn’t. "
MUST READ/WATCH: After Jeffrey Gundlach’s live appearance on Yahoo Finance, he continued to speak with @SallyPancakes for another 35 minutes. Probably the most comprehensive look into how @TruthGundlach thinks. FULL video and transcript here:
Do they have country music in other countries?
S&P 500 companies seeing best price reaction to negative EPS surprises in 9 years - @FactSet
EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Gundlach talks tax policy. Says his marginal rate is 52.6%, and that taxes should be raised on people like Mitt Romney who pay 14%.
Transcript of @SallyPancakes’s interview with Jeffrey Gundlach on Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round

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This app will send you alerts when Donald Trump tweets about stocks you own
If this music thing doesn't work out, he can always become finance minister of Greece
6’4”. Make him chairman of the Federal Reserve.
.@KellyO it looks like you deleted this tweet. Can you put this back up?
I’m not crazy about “Italexit.” But i’m down for “Italeave” or “Quitaly.” We need to get this sorted out right away.
Forbes estimates Wilbur Ross allegedly stole more than $120,000,000.00
Household debt has surpassed its 2008 peak... but the composition of debt has shifted… - MS
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