Marquetry Master / Patek Philippe

This Marquetry Master uses more than 160 tiny pieces of wood to design these Patek Philippe watches

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Marquetry Master / Patek Philippe

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Church of England distances itself from Irish language ruling on gravestone

Foreign languages could be taught in preschool and primary - Department

"We don't need to look across the Atlantic to find racism. We have many examples in our own country." - @campaignforleo  in the Dáil today.

@tedcruz  completely exposes how Barack Obama and Joe Biden unleashed, weaponized, and politicized the DOJ, FBI, and the Intelligence Community to go after @realDonaldTrump .

At this time, we will be using our platform to amplify voices from the Black and African American community at Microsoft.

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Triggered is BACK TONIGHT and it’s a show you won’t want to miss. I’ll be joined by a couple football legends, @HerschelWalker  and @BurgessOwens . We’ll be talking about everything. RSVP:

You won't see this on CNN or MSNLSD... @Project_Veritas  successfully infiltrated @RoseCityAntifa  in PORTLAND. They show the recruitment process & how members are taught to maim. This is organized domestic terrorism. #ExposeAntifa 

This is very intriguing. I’m told that British Airways is refusing to attend a meeting with @patel4witham  and @kellytulhurt  this afternoon to discuss the introduction of quarantine rules. BA argues the rules will “seriously setback” its recovery. (1/2)

It’s not clear why BA is declining the chance to make its case directly to 2 cabinet ministers. CEOs from the UK’s other big airports and airlines are attending the meeting at 17:00. BA’s relationship with government looks to be under some strain. BA has declined to comment (2/2)