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These are some of the most dangerous runways in the world

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‘Pat Hume did so much...Derry people know that, and remember that’

July was notable for just six days of “dry, pleasant weather”, while the month had above average rainfall everywhere, below average temperatures, below average sunshine and gale force winds

Former HSE chief Tony O'Brien has called for face masks to be required in secondary schools, suggesting the Department of Education should "get real and get on with it".

Some 19 per cent of sex offenders who were released from jail in 2014 had re-offended within a three-year period, the lowest figure for any crime type.

Irish scientists shed new light on why exercise promotes bone growth

Lord Ram in New York: A lit-up Times Square showcases a digital billboard of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir as the world celebrates the momentous occasion. #JaiShriRam 

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Instagram Launches Reels and Tries to Beat TikTok at Its Own Game

Moderna is discussing supply deals for its experimental Covid-19 vaccine candidate, with several countries adding that it plans to charge between $32 to $37 per dose

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DiGenova: “The Jan 5th, 2017 meeting with Rice, Yates, Biden, Comey, and Obama was a meeting to discuss how Sally Yates was going to get Michael Flynn." #ObamaKnewEveryThing 

#afc got £3.6m in prize money for their FA Cup win but had to pay back £11.5m to players (5% of original 12.5% cut, wage bill c.£230m). Not the players’ fault, EL qualification was vital. But sacking 55 people while the players get some money back reflects dreadfully on Kroenke.