Bees are bouncing back from colony collapse disorder

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When I trade specs all I see is numbers on a screen, nothing else.

Binance - Volume changed on OST (BNB/OST)! Price: $0.00066350 (+3.67%), Volume: +40.78%, Mentions Daily Change: -5.00%

What’s up with strange weather in Hong Kong today? It’s too perfect

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To reduce the growing backlog of cases, Supreme Court has for the first time since its inception provided for sitting of a single-judge bench to hear appeals of bail and anticipatory bail in cases related to offences entailing jail term up to 7 years

Trump's Real War Is With The Deep State, Not Iran

The DeanBeat: After all these years, Hollywood still doesn’t get games

Trump Has Created 1.5 Million Fewer Jobs Than Obama.

Bernie Sanders’s record as mayor shows that at times he went to opponents, working with Republicans, police and business on key issues facing the Vermont community, sometimes to the frustration of his liberal allies

America has two economies—and they’re diverging fast via @BrookingsInst 

United States sending troops to bolster Saudi defenses after attack