India continues to reel, while the U.S. supports lifting vaccine IP. Here's what happened with Covid this week

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America is the greatest nation earth, but we are not perfect. We strive to be a more perfect union. Now that President Biden has signed this into law, #Juneteenth  is officially a national holiday.

The scary part is..I’m still gettin’ better.

Inside Wall Street's summer blockbuster: @TradesTrey  and @matt_kohrs  break down the action in $AMC

“If you do not get vaccinated, you will get infected.” Doctor@kavitapmd , who served in the Obama administration, tells our “Checks and Balance” podcast new covid variants mean the pandemic is not yet over

NEW: Fox News failed to fully disclose the professional conservative ties of 11 guests featured in numerous segments about the teaching of critical race theory in schools, according to a new report.

Great reporting from Georgia Star News. The awful & illegal consent decree that Georgia’s feckless officials entered into with Stacy Abrams created a mess — Georgia needs an Arizona-style forensic audit, immediately!

Is there a crackdown coming for the Reddit trade? Former SEC enforcement attorney @Jacob_Frenkel  on the ins and outs of potential regulation $AMC

Here are the 14 representatives who voted against making Juneteenth a holiday👇

Biggest US vaccination day in ~ 4weeks 👋👋 2 million with >800,000 newbies We needed this. #BlockDelta 

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