The coronavirus pandemic is shutting foreign STEM students out of the U.S. job market via @BW 

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Dyson founder reveals scrapped electric SUV that cost him $600 million, was meant to be Tesla rival — take a look

@PrestonPysh  @bitcoinzayT  @saifedeanh  @JeffBoothere  are 3m btc left.If you are correct on priced doesn’t that mean only the worlds richest people will be able to buy the remaining btc ? And if people HODL the 1st 18.5m , do workers have access to btc ? Whales already influence price. Will btc whales dominate the world?

Estee Lauder employees have sent a letter to their chairman calling for the removal of Ronald Lauder, a board member and family heir, over his political donations and concerns about his impact on race relations within the company.

Oil - Further reports of an OPEC + meeting on Saturday (moved forward from June 9)

Slimelight, oops limelight, is the only thing this guy knows.

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Was New Twitter designed by an A.I. whose reward function consisted entirely of "get people to click on the screen more times"??

#Mahathir , who turns 95 in July, said it would be selfish of him to retire, adding, "I feel I have a duty to do something. #Malaysia 

Intra-elite competition was indeed one of the reasons for the collapse of communism and the break-up of countries in the 1980s. Suraska's excellent book (reviewed here) mentions it for the USSR.

From @Breakingviews : After the biggest month-on-month drop in U.S. goods exports on record, Washington could either concede that it needs closer trade ties with the EU, or point fingers