A weakened Iran is more dangerous to the world economy than ever

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Almost nine years into a conflict that reshaped the Middle East, there is no end in sight

#China #trade  data not looking pretty. Exports down 3.2% YoY, Imports down 8.5% YoY in September.

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Spain is a consolidated democracy. It's one of the most advanced Rules of Law in the world and one of the most free and safe countries. This is the real Spain. We´ve done it together, citizens and institutions. Based on coexistence, respect and the law. #EverybodysLand 

Five things you need to know to start your day

The crisis must either get better quickly thanks to bold government concessions, or much worse

"The more you think you know, the more closed-minded you'll be." - Ray Dalio

Five people have already been suspended in connection with a Vatican police probe into a luxury property project in London’s Chelsea district