Bill Gates says he "wouldn't be against a wealth tax" and urges greater financial transparency to ease inequalities. Watch the full interview here: ▶

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LISTEN: Trump's lawyer told the federal appeals court that the president could not be prosecuted while in office, even if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York. The claim was originally made by Trump on the 2016 campaign trail

FOMO: great example of how a "better than expected" ... "after hours" bounce to lower-highs has been fleeting since China started #slowing  in Q1 of 2018 $CAT

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House Republicans storming a closed-door #impeachment  investigation session today. Attendees @RepBuddyCarter  and @replouiegohmert  telling me it’s because all the testimony is HEARSAY! #SCIF  #TrishRegan 

Spoke to @realDonaldTrump  and told him thanks to his help last week, my campaign had its biggest online fundraising day ever. We did this on @winred . See it here and smash our record:

Melinda and I feel pressure to make every dollar and every day count, which is why we say no to a lot more opportunities than we say yes to. Working with partners around the world to #EndPolio  has been a fight worth every dollar.

Not QE just got 60% larger. The New York Fed announced "it is increasing its temporary overnight repo operations to $120 billion a day from $75 billion." There is nothing temporary about this increase, as Not QE will be far larger and even more destructive than QE. Got Gold?

I’m Houston is in the National League and Washington is in the American League years old.

What is Musk most excited about, aside from autonomous cars? A: Tesla Energy. "In the long term, I expect Tesla Energy to be ... roughly the same size as Tesla's automotive [business]....It could be bigger."

Trump said a wall is being built in Colorado. However, Colorado doesn't share a border with Mexico