U.K. supermarkets issue their starkest warnings yet about the effects of a possible no-deal Brexit

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President Trump wants to put a stop to what he calls “endless war,” while Biden calls them “forever wars.” @GeraldFSeib  dives into one of the few topics the two actually agree on.

Senator Susan Collins is wrong. @POTUS  was elected by the people, as were the Senators, as were members of Congress, to ensure the stability of the government and that INCLUDES the stability of the court. || #TrishIntel 

What did school teach you about money? Lessons schools teach are the reasons billions struggle financially. Why go to school to get a job when technology is destroying jobs? Why save money when government is printing money? Poor EDUCATION & POOR teachers our biggest problem.

Robert Mueller — and special counsel's office — let Americans down on Trump probe, prosecutor says

Oracle's TikTok deal has Trump's blessing. Here's what we know so far about the proposal

The major averages started with sharp declines on Monday. Follow along with the latest stock market updates here:

Money laundering, corruption, and fraud. A cache of leaked documents shows how major banks including Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase moved more than $2 trillion over the past 2 decades in transfers their own compliance officers flagged as suspicious

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