A 14.83-carat pink diamond from Russia may rank among the world's most valuable gems

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14․5% increase in electricity selling tariff from NREA projects

#4 Make that 2 new US Big Pharma chiefs today, as Novartis remakes top team

@adamvass  and @will_jobst  are developing an RPG about phantoms eating the rich that’s set during the French Revolution.

How to help Patients and Pharma to build a true partnership: #pharma  #patients 

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The water is coming. Governments must prepare for the damage that comes with it

This 39-year-old saves 75% of every paycheck and is almost ready to retire. Here’s how she does it

There was a 99.99% probability that the slump in Argentina wouldn't happen. But it did

#5 Shifting focus to oncology, GSK recruits a cancer vet as new chief of US pharmaceuticals — adding another woman to the top ranks of biopharma