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Taiwan to the rescue? #Taiwan  has pledged to donate 10m face masks to countries hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic including EU member states and the US, in a move that will probably anger China and highlights the geopolitical dimension of the pandemic," writes the FT.

Support the Joint German-Italian appeal to the governments of all Member States and to EU institutions

Several EU member states are beginning to rediscover their voices vis-à-vis #Órban's power grab in #Hungary . But this is not sufficient to make Órban think again. We need action!

#Serbia 's Prez plays an untruthful, but cunning role in supporting Beijing's mask diplomacy. In the geopolitical fight over the future of the Western Balkans, EU mustn't lose time. Mistakes, like the PPE export ban, won't be forgiven #Solidarity  is smart!

#Trump Practicing#Distancing  from All His Prior Statements About the Coronavirus via @NewYorker 

Where can I find the list of parties that co-signed?

Trump will fight like an angry old tiger for his ego, his private wealth and his freedom from criminal investigations. His high energy level will inspire his constituencies. He'll exploit his own inability to govern well by mining the resulting discontent.

Europe is facing an unprecedented crisis with #covid19 . The European project itself is at stake. Every EU member state will need significant public investments to manage and overcome this crisis. This is why we demand #coronabonds  🇪🇺 Sign the petition 👉

30 yrs ago, the Hong Kong Basic Law was adopted. This is not a happy birthday. This anniversary's message is: it always has been and will be a fight to defend the principles enshrined in it, such as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. #5demands  #HongKong  #universalsuffrage 

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The international friends of Hong Kong will have to step up their engagement. Beijing's effective abandonment of 'One country, two systems', its breach of a binding agreement, its exclusively repressive approach to the conflict must come with a price.

24 MEPs from four different political groups criticize the HKSAR repression against Jimmy Lai, Lee Cheuk Yan and Yeung Sum in a common letter to Carrie Lam. #StandWithHongKong 

#Caixin : "A Caixin investigation found that as early as December, researchers in multiple labs aroun #China  tested samples from patients with unexplained viral pneumonia and found the cause was a virus similar to SARS, weeks before officials publicly identified... 1/2