The Indian pharma industry is heavily dependent on API imports from China and they were facing a huge shortage of raw material, said a govt official @dilasha  , @sohinidastweets  report

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Sponsored: “It’s not until you’re older that you see the long-term repercussions of a diet with inadequate levels of vitamin D”

Five people taken to hospital after arson attack at house in Dundalk.

'Populist, authoritarian demagogues are great at promises, excel at faux empathy with the people and are utterly useless at dealing with complexity,' writes Chris Johns

An intensive care physician has called on people to be responsible when going to reopened pubs and restaurants - suggesting people don’t have to go in if it doesn’t look safe.

Four of the five parties in government in Northern Ireland will this week call in the Assembly for an apology from the Deputy First Minister following the controversy over her presence at the funeral of Belfast republican Bobby Storey.

One of Bernard's colleagues recalled that if someone brought a problem to him, his response was “You now have half a problem, I have the other half". #LivesLostIT 

Here's @edsongsofpraise  with Ed's Songs Of Praise til 10 and he's in a very generous mood so give him a shout with yer requests and he'll sort ya out!

Electric car drivers will soon have to pay to use ‘slow’ chargers

The number of people killed in protests in Ethiopia following the murder of a popular singer has jumped to 156 from the initial tally of 80, a senior regional security official told Reuters on Sunday.