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The stock crashed 8.52 per cent to end the day at Rs 390.75 on the #BSE

During the day, it dived 12.11 per cent to hit its multi-year low of Rs 375.40

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Hey Hollywood and media types, I’ve noticed a lot of you deleted your #JusticeForJussie tweets... what’s the matter, don’t you want justice for him anymore??? #frauds
Jason Chaffetz: FBI’s Andrew McCabe should be on trial, not a book tour | Fox News
Did meme review last night with Justin Roiland from @RickandMorty
The Jussie Smollett Hoax Is What Happens When A Culture Fetishizes Victimhood | Daily Wire
“I’m not going to comment until I know the outcome of the investigation."

Strange she was all over it when she thought it could serve a purpose. Spineless spin.
Oh, Don’t forget the homophobic slurs... this clown is such a mess it’s hard to keep track.
Steve Hilton: Never Trumpers just hate that Trump is actually succeeding where they failed | Fox News
OK, folks, this is potentially very serious: Trump may be about to impose tariffs on European cars in the name of national security. This would be a disaster on multiple levels 1/
There are 2,043 billionaires in the world, but only 11 of them are black
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Promoters plan to offload 18-19 per cent of their 30 per cent direct holding in the company.
#ETMarkets #Rcom
RT *EdnaDavidsen On March 23, 2018, I had 400 followers on Twitter.
It took me less than five months to reach 16.000 Twitter followers.
That's a growth of more than 100 followers per day on average.
What's the secret? Applying the right Knowledge
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