Michigan / Whitmer

What I've gotten back is that vendors with whom we've procured contracts -- They're being told not to send stuff to Michigan," Whitmer said live on air. "It's really concerning.... I've been uniquely singled out...."

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Michigan / Whitmer

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AND YET!!! You stil see this savvy, arm's length mode of analysis across the spectrum. "Oh calm down libs, is it really so bad?" MORE AMERICANS HAVE DIED IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS THAN DURING ANY SIX MONTH PERIOD IN A HUNDRED YEARS. YES IT'S THAT BAD. WAKE THE HELL UP.

Absolutely damning data on the complete failure to follow Covid-19 guidelines in the UK • Only 18% of people self-isolate after developing symptoms • Only 11% quarantine after being told by NHS Test and Trace that they’ve been in contact with a confirmed case

In the debate next week, @JoeBiden  should pledge unequivocally that he will recognize the result of a free and fair election and then challenge @realDonaldTrump  to do the same. Ten of millions of Americans deserve to hear Trump's answer.

Nobody actually thinks Trump is going to hole up in the White House like Pacino at the end of "Scarface" if he loses. This is media projection justifying preparations for left-wing violence. And Trump played into it by saying stupid crap, as always.

The president is directly threatening violence to stay in power and working every day to undermine both the legitimacy of the vote and the administration of free and fair elections. With either explicit or tacit collaboration from the entire institutional Republican party.

BREAKING: Mary Trump, the president’s niece, is suing the commander-in-chief and his siblings, accusing the trio of committing fraud in an attempt to deprive her of millions of dollars associated with the family’s real estate empire

Anger over Breonna Taylor’s killing and the prosecutors’ handling of the case has spread from Louisville, Kentucky, where she was killed, to cities across the United States.

Sen. Booker: "If you cannot commit to … a peaceful transfer of power, then you’ve made yourself illegitimate and you should forfeit your office."

Wait, mail in ballots are okay for Republicans in Florida but not for Democrats elsewhere? 🧐

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Coronavirus: UK reports highest ever number of new daily cases