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If Mother’s Day brings out conflicted feelings in you, it’s OK. You’re not alone - The Guardian

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All Tánaiste has done is stoke fears and give Johnson another excuse to break his word

CVS accidentally leaks 1 billion website records—including Covid-19 vaccine searches

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#MarketsWithETNOW | Money Making Ideas! Check out what the brokerages are recommending today

#Petrol price hiked By 26-27 paise & #Diesel  By 28-30 paise. Now retail prices of petrol in 10 major cities in India have reached triple-digits and Jefferies says Diesel retail price could reach triple digits if #crude  hits US$ 82/bbl. @sonalbhutra  explains

The COVID Count | Daily#COVID  cases rise for the 2nd straight day as of June 17th, 8 am. Cumulative vaccination now inching closer to 27 Cr. @ekta_batra  gets an in-depth round-up of India’s COVID numbers and the vaccine updates you need to know ahead of the trading session today

NEW! "It's a seductive [narrative] to tell yourself that you and your children are going to be the ones to beat the legacy of racism in the U.S." #NEALitFellow  @surlybassey  visits the @NEAarts  podcast to talk about her new novel, Libertie. Listen:

It's been a bad month for coal. The Callide coal-fired power station blew up. Yallourn has flooded. It's clear that we need a massive expansion of renewables. Coal just isn't reliable enough to power our future.

#ETNOWPodcast -India markets brace for volatility after global #commoditiesrout  - @sputnikvaccineto  be made available in 9 cities besides #Hyderabad  -Govt moves to curb rising edible #oilprices  - #DMart  #InfoEdgemay  join Nifty#podcast  @alexandermats  @madaboutindia 

A three way Presidential mash up gone awry like a bad Tinder date. President Biden praises President Putin while slamming President Trump. Here’s my take on ⁦ @OutnumberedFNC ⁩

$3.2m in grants for 8 Aussie innovators – just what the doctor ordered! Med-tech innovators headline the recent recipients of the Accelerating Commercialisation grant from the #EntrepreneursProgramme . Find out more: @3DMorphic  @investfast  @QualityTrade