Shooting in #Alaska  just took an American life. #POTUS , please do something. #BackfireTrump 

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Football, NBA, cycling, golf, etc . . . Guide to sport on tv today.

Competition: win an Autumn Escape Weekend at the Coolbawn Quay on the picturesque shores of Lough Derg. Enjoy two nights peaceful slumber with wholesome late breakfast and dinner on one evening.

Here are conditions across #Kentuckiana  on our satellite and radar. Find more weather on my Facebook page at and #WHAS11  #FirstAlertStormTeam  #WakeUp11 

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"investigators suspected that [Erik Prince and Bannon] may have been seeking to arrange a clandestine back-channel between the incoming Trump administration and Moscow."

Being affiliated with a white Christian group — whether evangelical Protestant, mainline Protestant, or Catholic — is independently associated with an approximately 10% increase in racist attitudes

Amazon considers relocating some employees out of Seattle

Whatever Big Chicken would gain by being able to process more chickens per minute, as well as diseased chickens, doesn't outweigh the possible threats to public health

These brands have maintained integrity in a fashion world that's increasingly unsustainable.

If done right, a systematic response strategy and proactive customer attitude might get you through a cyberattack without a sunken stock price.

You might not have learned about this in school: In August 1972, a Chicano-rights group called the Brown Berets camped out on Catalina Island for four weeks, demanding that its almost 42,000 acres of undeveloped land be turned into housing.