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My new album #Glory is out now!

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Took a lovely walk with my boys yesterday. Ready for Bethlehem tonight!!! 🍏⭐️🍀 #PieceOfMe
I leave the snake handling to the boys these days... I was ready to run 😂
It always amazes me how different your body looks and feels when learning new moves and creating your own routines! Doing the same things while working out can get pretty stagnant, which is why I love dancing! Had so much fun working on this combo with Mikey! 💗💗💗
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Prerogative. A fragrance for all. 📹 #MyPrerogative
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Getting silly with my kids on our day off from tour! #PieceOfMe is back tonight. See you soon, Connecticut! 🍏🍏🍎🍎
📷: @francesiacuzzi
Feels so good to be back on stage!!!! Thank you DC for an amazing start to the #PieceOfMe tour! ❤️
The #PieceOfMe tour kicks off tomorrow!! ✨ To celebrate, submit “Piece Of Me” artwork inspired by the song or tour on @tumblr for the chance to win a signed poster and a bundle of new tour merch!

Enter here: https://t.co/F9f2l2XgMy
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Sometimes my son expresses himself through art! He’s really into the Ultra Instinct look 🎨
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