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Latest Scoops

For #LoveTheatreDay, we present
and other fantastic images discovered in our playbills collection by some of our In The Spotlight volunteers. What will you find? https://t.co/fOhsPl4G1d
Ever wondered whether King Harold was really killed by an arrow to the eye? What life was like for women in Anglo-Saxon England? Or who the Anglo-Saxons actually were? Find out in our new Anglo-Saxon web resource: https://t.co/tHXP05ocAi #BLAngloSaxons
This Thursday, the Queen of Shops, @maryportas, discusses her new manifesto #WorkLikeAWoman, which aims to create an unstoppable feminine force for change in the #business world, with @BIPC. You can watch live with the free webcast: https://t.co/2yGcTW7CIO #BLMaryPortas
Soldiers on the Western Front and Indian troops in East Africa. Nurses in Rouen and surgeons across Europe. Refugees caught up in the conflict and civilians at home. Explore and reflect on stories from #WWI, 100 years on: https://t.co/A2TGzTctAL
The British Library will open at 11.02 today following a two-minute silence to mark #RemembranceDay and #ArmisticeDay.
The 1918 Armistice between Germany and the Allied powers signalled the end of the fighting on the Western Front, which came into place at 11.00 on 11 November. (Painting: military cemetery of Châlons-en-Champagne by artist Felix Vallotton, 1917.https://t.co/BuP7dumYqt)
Over the course of four years, the First World War sparked the mobilisation of millions of people. Civilians volunteered, were conscripted or recruited into military and non-military roles on land, sea and skyhttps://t.co/807fM476In. (Image © Crown copyright)
On 28 July 1914, the first declaration of war was issued, and ripples of violence stretched from Europe to every corner of the world. 100 years later, the debate on the origins of the war continueshttps://t.co/ggf2d2PqM1. (Image © Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico)
To mark #Armistice100 on Sunday we’re taking a look at our #WWI website, where you can explore over 500 historical sources from across Europe, together with new insights by World War One experts. https://t.co/3WHPVmWfUP (Image © Crown copyright)
Bram Stoker was born #otd in 1847. This Dracula playscript features Stoker's handwriting and an increasing number of printed extracts from the novel, indicative of the haste at which it was produced in order to protect the dramatic rights to the book https://t.co/J6m5aQdQVv
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