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Keep up to date with all the news from the British Library. Maps and the 20th Century: Drawing the Line opens 4 November 2016: http://bit.ly/2doUh3p

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It's #PenguinAwarenessDay and as such, today we shall mostly be perusing our collection for penguins.

Lots and lots of penguins.
@natlibscot @nypl @bodleianlibs @OrkneyLibrary @ShetlandLibrary @hull_libraries @theUL @uofglibrary @EdUniMainLib @BtfdLibrary Definitely a million shelves of YES!
Do you know your abcd from your adcd? Typos are no new phenomenon, with this Anglo-Saxon student clearly needing a helping hand with their alphabet. Learn more about what it was like to be a student in early medieval England: https://t.co/LxjUadLWgU #BLAngloSaxons
James Cook's voyage became the first to cross the Antarctic Circle #onthisday in 1773. These stunning drawings by William Hodges, held at @statelibrarynsw, depict the ships Resolution and Adventure among icebergs. https://t.co/J6CCzAE7cQ
The only UK literary prize to support novelists in the creative stages of writing is going global. @BL_EcclesCentre is partnering with @hayfestival for their £20,000 Writer’s Award, reaching out to new writers on both sides of the Atlantic. Find out more: https://t.co/nIQheF1ZSF
Here's a sneak peek of our temporary community garden, opening in May until late 2020. Together with @global_gen and Stanhope, the Story Garden will be created for and by the local community to plant and cook together. Find out more: https://t.co/DYg5qDC1nP #ForEveryone
The #NewYearsResolution at the top of everyone’s list: learn to swim the 16th-century woodcut way. Now just to find two birds to perfect that technique…

(From 'The Art of Swimming' which is considered the first English treatise on swimming)
King Edgar awaits patiently for you in our Entrance Hall to celebrate #MuseumSelfieDay with him. Post your photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram by 22 Feb, including #BLAngloSaxons, for your chance to win a luxury stay at @StPancrasRen. T&Cs apply: https://t.co/IeR5y2Vyou
Happy 260th birthday to @britishmuseum which first opened its doors #onthisday in 1759! This plan shows additions to the Museum in the 1930s to provide space for the Library department (an early version of us). Take a closer look: https://t.co/2dv1el3ynI
#BLCats visitors: have you seen this game called 'The Pretty, playful, tortoise-shell cat'? Other games published in the 19th century include 'The Hopping, prating, chatt’ring magpie' and 'The Gaping, wide-mouthed, waddling frog'. https://t.co/ETBd8fRRe2
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