Dr Birx / Covid

Well, Dr. Birx just said it. Anyone in U.S. who dies with Covid 19, regardless of what else may be wrong, is now being recorded as a Covid 19 death.

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Dr Birx / Covid

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Saddened by the loss of lives due to the fire tragedy in Kolkata. In this hour of sadness, my thoughts are with the bereaved families. May the injured recover at the earliest.

Some naysayers have argued that canceling student debt would saddle borrowers with surprise taxes. @SenatorMenendez  and I took care of that in the relief bill by ensuring any student loan forgiveness will be tax-free – so let's #CancelStudentDebt . 

I worked hard to make sure the #AmericanRescuePlan  included a restaurants relief fund based on the RESTAURANTS Act. It will provide a down payment of $28.6 billion in grants as a lifeline for New York's restaurants. This bold, urgent COVID relief is on the way.

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Bush and Clinton portraits are back on display in the White House's Grand Foyer after they were removed last July during the Trump administration

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7:20:46 p.m. - #HRes188  - On ordering the previous question Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: (Roll no. 63).

This is not your parents' or grandparents' Democratic Party. We're seeing a flood of progressive and radical legislation.

If completed, Putin's pipeline would make our European allies & partners more susceptible to Moscow's coercion & malign influence. That’s why my colleagues & I are urging the Biden admin to implement additional sanctions immediately to prevent this pipeline from coming online.