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  3. the author of this article, @chuckrossdc, has done some of the best reporting on this whole episode.
The author of this article, @ChuckRossDC, has done some of the best reporting on this whole episode. https://t.co/70JrjnKV69


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So far this year, the rupee has declined 12.89%

In this new paper, RAND experts examine some of the possible implications of growing data collection and availability related to education technology: https://t.co/0XO6oasvpj via @JohnFPane
“The crown prince has his fingerprints all over this," said the second-highest-ranking Democratic senator https://t.co/rHJdt1BTop
I’m old enough to remember the Bill Kenney-Steve Fuller QB platoon. This is the best Chiefs team I’ve ever seen.
I'm a big @jimrutenberg fan, but this story ignores the great work done and ongoing by @TexasTribune, our colleagues in public media and @dallasnews https://t.co/m68E6Fs7E8
This summer, I sat down with @NolanPSchmidt at @fargomonthly to chat about growing up in North Dakota, my time in public service, & some of the most rewarding things I’ve achieved so far as a US senator. Also shared a few surprises! Check it out here. https://t.co/EueQWHYc8d
This statement by Mike Pompeo about the migrant caravan reads like it has multiple personalities:
AFP says its not unusual for an investigation of this kind to take months or a year.

Colvin says public admission that looks like someone has admitted to a crime isn't the same as having evidence to charge someone.
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