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  3. the author of this article, @chuckrossdc, has done some of the best reporting on this whole episode.
The author of this article, @ChuckRossDC, has done some of the best reporting on this whole episode. https://t.co/70JrjnKV69


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As I said, it couldn't be clearer Mueller was disputing *the key parts of the BF story* - the only parts that made it notable (eg he had evidence proving Trump directed Cohen to lie). But here's separate WashPost reporting that this is what Mueller deniehttps://t.co/MvWGCXOLbfd
.@BuzzFeedBen on @AC360: “We stand by the reporting in this story.” https://t.co/n9WDdnctcJ
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The unbridled violence of CPM workers, this time in Neyyattinkara, shows how much Kerala politics has been degraded by their ideology of “prevail at any price”. Goondaism is not politics. I wish my friend Marayamuttam Suresh a speedy recovery from the injuries inflicted on him.
For those who want to pretend Mueller is just quibbling with some small semantic details in the story, what's the theory about why Mueller - for the first time - decided it was important to come out and comment directly on a media story by calling it "inaccurate"? Why this one?
Special counsel disputes article: "BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the special counsel’s office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony are not accurate." https://t.co/rtfUleG88m
“Exactly,” wrote Jay Sekulow, the Trump personal lawyer. He then added in a phone interview: "As far as pubic proclamations go from the special counsel’s office, we’re pleased with this one. We disputed this reporting from the outset.”
https://t.co/H6aYV9Kgrn @politico
@ChrisSparks77 @TomJohn15151515 @ThePlumLineGS I'm anything but giddy about the enduring damage major media outlets have done to the reputation of journalists and journalism with their endless series of reckless and false behavior on this story. It's fucking tragic and destructive.
The best new music this week, from AJ Tracey to Little Simz and James Blake https://t.co/fOJKvE9EUX
Special Counsel has issued a statement disputing Buzzfeed report- a sober reminder of how much we have yet to learn. All who care about the Constitution should let facts dictate conclusions. And remember there will be political as well as legal judgement for this Administration.
24 straight hours of completely uncritical, mindless, hysterical cable news coverage on a story - complete with calls for impeachment - that Muller's office now says was fundamentally false. This has happened over and over in the Trump/Russia story. Why don't people trust media??https://t.co/6uHRE95bqg
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