Bridges to Italy

Will this crisis help set autonomous #AI  on the right course? via @rightrelevance  thanks @venturebeat 

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W3C has new pages for W3C work groups generated automatically from our database. Information will always be at the same place across all group pages. The basic design will be replaced at the end of the year when W3C's website is redesigned

It's not a stretch to call cruise control an early driving aid. Adaptive tech gives it a high-tech makeover.

Here are the best accessories to bring #Alexa 's digital assistant powers to your car, regardless of its age.

Learn the Basics of Big Data and Machine Learning for Less Than $40

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The PC is suddenly in fashion again, but there are tough times ahead for the computer industry via @steveranger 

Some thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg and whether he "gets it." No. Of course not. And here's why. #MakeMeSmart 

eBay raises Q2 outlook amid surge in marketplace sales by @natalienoell