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The @NBA  is coming back. Am I happy? Yes. But one of the reasons why there was so much attention to George Floyd's murder and #BlackLivesMatter  was because there was nothing else to distract us.

NEW APPLE BITZ VIDEO! Rumor: iPhone 12/12 Pro will stick w/ Lightning, No EarPods in box? + Apple’s MacBook Touch concept

I am disgusted and beyond words after seeing the video. Phone videos time and time again reveal what people have been saying for generations. #RIPGeorgeFloyd  You and your family NEVER deserved this. #ThisIsAmerica 

To have that moment between Molly & Andrew's brother was something that has NEVER been done before. Exploring how diff minorities react and interpret racism and opening up convos beyond the show. This show is AMAZING. THANK YOU @insecurehbo  @IssaRae  @YvonneOrji  @AlexHunterHodge  & team!

100K people have died from Coronavirus in the U.S. Meanwhile, Trump to sign an Executive Order tomorrow about Social Media Companies after @Twitter  fact-checked two of his tweets. No specifics about it yet. Maybe he's asking for an "Edit" option! That's got to be it...🤔

Same frequency. Just more documented that can't be denied now with phone cameras.

NEW VIDEO DROP! Friday Fun w/ the #SonyAibo  Review! 2 YEARS after its launch, this dog robot is STILL learning new tricks.🐕 @SonyElectronics 

Our country is in chaos w/ a storm of events like no other. Coronavirus kills 100,000+ people. People pent up inside. 10 million+ unemployed w/ NO income. The murder of a black man by police .A president that adds fuel to the flame. 🔥 People are fed up. #ThisIsAmerica 


Watching the #GRAMMYs  to show love to #ARMY  #TearItUpBTS ! Even if they're only presenting...Y'all STILL sleeping on 'em.

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Just some of the amazing visuals from the #BTS  Rose Bowl concert, the production level was ridiculous. Kudos to the teams. So many amazing moments! ?: Myself & #btsarmy  #btsxrosebowl  #btsworldtour 

Apple calling Slo-Motion Selfies...wait for it...”Slofies”. Stop trying to make “Slofies” happen. ??? #AppleEvent 

On top of the $1.5 Trillion they already threw into the market that magically appeared.

Nope. Why does there have to be an age associated to any music genre? They are legit top-tier talented performers with amazing music. Enjoy the general trash playing on the radio! ???