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I missed this earlier: @NYTLiz's in-depth investigation into "debacles" at the United States Agency for Global Media... https://t.co/0AlegLpaDq
"The evolving strategy on the hush-money allegations is textbook Trump: Tell one version of events until it falls apart, then tell a new version, and so on — until the danger passes..." https://t.co/GhzMzcKyoT
Congratulations!!!! 🎉
nice! i count 142 since 1/20/17, not sure what accounts for the difference!
Flake: We are "testing the institution of American liberty in ways that none of us ever imagined we would -- and in ways that we probably never should again." https://t.co/3DiZkzaV1e
I count 142 times. 142 "witch hunt" tweets from the president, more than one per week. Plus dozens of mentions in interviews and speeches.https://t.co/TtR25vlEPK
Guess how many times @realDonaldTrump has tweeted about a "witch hunt" since being elected president.
.@joe_palazzolo & : "E@mrothfeldven though we were certain of our reporting about Michael Cohen and American Media paying women on behalf of Donald Trump... despite their strong denials, it is gratifying to see both of them admit what they had done." https://t.co/J2EsRmVL18
Here's my latest, looking at how the National Enquirer suddenly stopped putting pro-Trump stories on the cover at the same time the feds came calling... https://t.co/9w2QQeb63y
Welcome to Thursday... @ReliableSources has my recap of the past 24 hours: https://t.co/yYcmFyiUBQ
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