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CNN's host of @ReliableSources and senior media correspondent. Formerly @nytimes, @tvnewser and Top of the Morning. Email: bstelter@gmail.com

Latest Scoops

CNN, AP, Politico, NYT, and WashPost "are asking a federal court to unseal records from the criminal case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and the investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 election." https://t.co/YN3Ha7WObp
still no correction here? a random station has hired her, not Fox News Radio
"The controversy, one of the strangest in recent memory to ensnare a media personality..." That's for sure... https://t.co/4X9fdowO3A
"The U.S. slipped to 45th in the world in the new 2018 World Press Freedom Index released today." Details via @politico's A.M. media newsletter https://t.co/X7a1QFbXAc
#TIME100 sightings and much more in this morning's media news digest: https://t.co/PoXpkxYZrG
From tonight's @ReliableSources: MSNBC host Joy Reid under scrutiny https://t.co/PoXpkxYZrG
Wednesday is shaping up to be an epic day of media news... here's some of it... https://t.co/PoXpkxYZrG
Team coverage in tonight's newsletter: My sightings from the #TIME100 in NYC, @oliverdarcy's dispatch from the Comey book party in DC, and @blowryontv's #Avengers review from L.A. https://t.co/JwLAbG9OvC
Tuesday night/Wednesday morning's media newsletter is out! https://t.co/JwLAbG9OvC
The #Time100 gala is underway. EIC @efelsenthal speaking about the honorees now. In the room: Nicole Kidman, @Emma4Change, Maxine Waters, @Trevornoah, Greta Gerwig, @hodakotb, @sterlingkb1
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