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Some would call it naïveté but I refuse to lose my shock that after a coup attempt that could have ended the American experiment many Republicans are now like Chris Tucker’s character in Friday - saying “why you bringing up old shit?”

I think we might have a quarterback controversy.

I’ve seen lots of hostage taking in politics, but I cannot remember one party using a worldwide economic collapse as a leverage point. That’s why I cannot negotiate about the debt limit. They are threatening default, and if we abide this, it will literally never end.

Fascism. Say the word. It’s accurate. Thanks.

We are going to enact a big, bold climate bill. Keep the pressure up, but also don’t give up.

This is violent, fascist, revolutionary, and extreme, and I don’t think our campaigns should get fancy next year coming up with some poll tested “kitchen table” stuff. These people cannot be trusted with the power of the people because it’s unclear they would ever give it back.

Today was good. Keep up the pressure. Thanks.


Republicans are refusing to pass a bill that has - free coronavirus testing - paid emergency medical leave - extended unemployment insurance - food assistance - help for health care workers. Call their offices, tell them to get their shit together and do it. Thanks.

One good thing about Joe Biden is he doesn’t owe anyone 421 million dollars.

I will be introducing an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to discontinue the program that transfers military weaponry to local police departments.

For the media. We need you to step up and describe what is happening to our country. Use the words. “Authoritarian.” “Unlawful.” “Autocratic” “Illegal.” It’s not “dramatic” or “trumpian.” Or “risky.” This isn’t a show.

McConnell is threatening to filibuster the Organizing Resolution which allows Democrats to assume the committee Chair positions. It’s an absolutely unprecedented, wacky, counterproductive request. We won the Senate. We get the gavels.

There were 54 votes in favor of enacting the January 6 Commission, and 35 opposed, but because our rules are completely bananas that means that the 35 WON THE VOTE. The filibuster must go.

The Capitol Police leadership turned down backup. My blood is boiling.

Some of the same people who voted no on impeachment, saying that the remedy for malfeasance is an election, are now saying the remedy for the election is malfeasance.

The Coronavirus is not contained. It will not fade in the spring. Trump cut CDC by 9 percent. Trump eliminated the position at the global health security teams at NSC and DHS. They don’t know what they are doing. They are fixated on the politics and the stock market.