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If you find “No, I do not think the legislatures should overturn the election” difficult to say, you might be an elected Republican.

@philwahba  You can always assume I’m working on whatever I’m tweeting about. But the action is not going to be on the Senate floor. They will fail.

@PhilipMichaels  I am always working on whatever I’m tweeting about. And it’s kinda weird that people get grouchy at me on Twitter for tweeting.

If you cannot speak against this you should never again be paid for your opinion or put on TV as an analyst. Yes I understand it’s doomed to fail and goofy and in some cases hilarious. That doesn’t make it any less seditious.

Enabling authoritarianism should be punished by voters, but it’s up to us to make an argument about democracy itself, and trust that voters will respond.

Jupiter is waiting on GSA to make an ascertainment.

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President Elect Biden made a very smart choice in @reemadodin  . Super smart, super pleasant, and works harder than anyone. Great pick.


Republicans are refusing to pass a bill that has - free coronavirus testing - paid emergency medical leave - extended unemployment insurance - food assistance - help for health care workers. Call their offices, tell them to get their shit together and do it. Thanks.

One good thing about Joe Biden is he doesn’t owe anyone 421 million dollars.

For the media. We need you to step up and describe what is happening to our country. Use the words. “Authoritarian.” “Unlawful.” “Autocratic” “Illegal.” It’s not “dramatic” or “trumpian.” Or “risky.” This isn’t a show.

Don’t call them a “militia” just because they are Caucasian. They are domestic terrorists.

Senate Republicans just blocked a unanimous vote on a resolution condemning white supremacy. It passed the House unanimously. They said that after 9 months of the legislation languishing that the committees of jurisdiction needed to look at it and consider their “equities.”

We have a white supremacist problem. We have a gun problem. We have a money in politics problem.

Just to be extra careful this morning I asked my military/foreign policy staff if there is any context to this NYT story about bounties against American soldiers that makes it less explosive and damning and shocking. The answer was no.

Slavery was an evil and not a necessary one. Police don’t need tanks. The Republicans have not been legislating on Covid for 2 months. The President never, ever changes his tone. In the middle of a pandemic republicans are suing to take away your health care. Nazis are bad.

Media, the word you are avoiding is “coup.” I’m not saying they will succeed - they will not. But they are trying to overturn a free, fair election and this deserves at least as much attention as the full week you devoted to Sarah Sanders being refused service at a restaurant.

Enough. This is no longer Republicans just indulging the ego and grief of a failed candidate. They undermine democracy by refusing to acknowledge what foreign leaders, election officials, and everyone can see. Biden is President Elect, but let history record their cowardice.