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C. Sanctions were actually minimised by panel from those which could have been imposed strictly. D. The extra 35-point deduction was imposed for breaches which S admitted would take place this after this judgement

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I have banned that show bc you put your thumb on the scale. Zero tolerance. Sorry.

Lauren deserves all the nice things... #LoveIsBlind 

Question 1: how often does the hood have to be cleaned? Remember to use #RestaurantImpossible  and #fitcrunch  with your answer.

This primer makes my eyelashes almost touch my eyebrows.

Niall Horan reveals ‘Heartbreak Weather’ track list as a cheeky meteorologist. Watch the clip below

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Cant Jane talk to anyone who actually likes weddings? #TheBoldType 

Terrelle Pryor's Ex-GF Gets Attempted Murder Charge Dropped In Stabbing Case