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13. Why Panel concluded recklessness - a. Admitted breaches over 4 years of failure to disclose information b. Failure to consult SCM before entering schemes that must have known were risky c. This failure to consult was more serious in the light of the 2015 settlement

15. It wasn't unfair to impose penalties according to regulations (35 pt. deduction for 2 seasons breaches) but 70 if imposed in one season would be disproportionate and -35 sufficient.

16. Reg 16 allows a plea-bargaining process which can mitigate sanctions – S chose not to use this and contested all material points

My Points - A. Saracens are a golden shareholder in PRL. They are responsible for its running and regulations as much as any other club and agreed the details of the previous and current salary cap rules. It is ludicrous to allege rules you voluntarily adopt are illegal

B. It is no defence at all to say that you did not deliberately break rules which you agree and over which you have already had to settle previous charges. The panel did not find S innocently broke the rules; it said they were reckless

C. Sanctions were actually minimised by panel from those which could have been imposed strictly. D. The extra 35-point deduction was imposed for breaches which S admitted would take place this after this judgement

re Saracens and salary cap - anyone who tries to stress that their rule-breaking was not deliberate has not read the full report, or is being dishonest. It is highly critical of the club and to pretend it exonerates them in any way is equally dishonest.

The more you examine the case put by Saracens, the dafter it becomes. Statement ' One reason the salary cap is illegal is it hampers us competing in Europe. 1st Q - 'Er, aren't you 3 time winners and current champions?'


Bloody EU migrants, coming over here and battling our terrorists.

I'm thoroughly sick of Leavers using WW 2 nostalgia in the context of Brexit. We never stood alone - our finest hour was achieved with the help of 15 other nationalities.

Theresa May refuses to criticise Trump for pulling out of the Paris Agreement - what a spineless, abject failure of a leader.

Can't understand the Sky presenter ,post Spurs v Chelsea, saying he is there 'to try and hold a balanced debate' when they are discussing racist abuse towards football players. Are there two sides to this?

I'm not employed by the BBC and the % of my income from it is far less than from private media sources. I have always defended it because it has produced the best TV in the world for many years. It is getting harder to do so because of its news coverage of this election.

I'm re-re-tweeting this comment by Elizabeth Warren on the sole ground that it is brilliant.

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I wonder how Theresa May feels seeing Johnson getting praised for agreeing a worse deal than the one she achieved?

Re Greta Thunberg - it appears that the older generation's plea for young people to be engaged in politics, extends only to those with whom they agree. Otherwise, you're in for a world of patronising, irrelevant, personal attacks.

And if we're going to talk about snowflakes, I doubt my 4 kids will be offended by vegan sausage rolls. The gammon generation of free education, affordable mortgages and full pensions lecturing those who won't have what they took for granted.