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The really concerning thing is why they ever thought he was suited in the first place. This is merely another way of shifting blame for their poor judgement.

Despite widespread press reports and legal action over improperly awarded Govt contracts; the fact that we've wasted billions of pounds on systems that don't work - no criticism from that beacon of parsimony The Tax Payers Alliance. Wonder why?

The not surprising, but infinitely disappointing, fact is that right now there are newspaper reporters tasked with taking through Marcus Rashford's private life to dig up dirt on him. All because he wants to feed hungry kids.

I take it Toby Young didn't do a maths degree.

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Why do colleagues of Patel think that 'she's always been polite to me or whenever I've been in her company' is a defence to allegations made by people they don't know and in circumstances they did not witness and thus know nothing about?

Is there a phrase more doom-laden than 'Boris Johnson is going to take personal control of this issue.' ?

I was a mug for voting Remain. If I'd banged the drum for Brexit I might have been in the House of Lords by now, or had a multi-million pound contract for doing something at which I had no previous experience or demonstrable ability.

Is there any danger of a journalist asking a sole, short, non-closed question in these no. 10 briefings?

Even McConnell is refusing to back Trump. 'This election was not unusually close.' 'The voters, the courts and the states have all spoken.' 'The electoral college margin is almost identical to what it was in 2016.'


Bloody EU migrants, coming over here and battling our terrorists.

I want kids back to school; I have 3 of school age. What I object to are articles framing teachers as cowards for demanding proper risk assessments and protection are in place before they are forced to return; especially those written by hacks from the safety of their front room.

What sort of mindset must you have to be in favour of funding a new Royal Yacht but against funding free school meal vouchers for poor kids?

I'm thoroughly sick of Leavers using WW 2 nostalgia in the context of Brexit. We never stood alone - our finest hour was achieved with the help of 15 other nationalities.

To be fair, how could a PM sacked twice for lying, who appointed a Home Sec sacked for lying and an Education Minister sacked for lying, possibly withdraw the whip from Dorries, Caulfield and Allen for lying?

To Leavers - I've accepted we're leaving the EU; I'll survive what might come better than many. Now deliver the promises, but have the balls to accept responsibility if they don't appear and don't blame anyone else. If its a roaring success I'll gladly say I was wrong.