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Just weighed myself - lightest I've been since I was 23 years old. Managed to drop 17 kilos in the past 2 years.

Occasionally, it basically means not eating after 8 and then not till noon, which is not too bad.

All good; it's my twins 4th birthday, so I get to play with the Scooby Doo Haunted House and characters.

This has all the hallmarks of the cliched Mary Whitehouse campaigns to stay relevant. 'It turns out' - as if it was a complete accident he tried to book that particular hotel.

This is the best documentary I've seen on the Vietnam War, and with a belting soundtrack.

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Time to get out the unicorn paddling pool; it's almost unbearably warm in SW London.

I never knew I was brought up west of the Pennines.

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I'm over half way through watching the Burns' US Civil War documentary - another outstanding piece of work. How often is the bravery of the ordinary soldier betrayed by inadequate leadership?

One of my, now four yr old twins, was lucky enough to be given a small amount of money by a god parent 'I got 5 million dollars' she's just said in an American accent.

I'm confused by what guidelines cover what sport presenters; why social distancing and masks when outdoors from Silverstone?


Bloody EU migrants, coming over here and battling our terrorists.

What sort of mindset must you have to be in favour of funding a new Royal Yacht but against funding free school meal vouchers for poor kids?

I want kids back to school; I have 3 of school age. What I object to are articles framing teachers as cowards for demanding proper risk assessments and protection are in place before they are forced to return; especially those written by hacks from the safety of their front room.

To be fair, how could a PM sacked twice for lying, who appointed a Home Sec sacked for lying and an Education Minister sacked for lying, possibly withdraw the whip from Dorries, Caulfield and Allen for lying?

I'm thoroughly sick of Leavers using WW 2 nostalgia in the context of Brexit. We never stood alone - our finest hour was achieved with the help of 15 other nationalities.

To Leavers - I've accepted we're leaving the EU; I'll survive what might come better than many. Now deliver the promises, but have the balls to accept responsibility if they don't appear and don't blame anyone else. If its a roaring success I'll gladly say I was wrong.

I don't expect this Govt, like others, to get everything right re Covid19; it's a unique challenge and mistakes will be made. What I do expect from them is not to obfuscate, dissemble and outright lie about important facts, which they are starting to do frequently.