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his 17 attempts is the second highest number of free throw attempts for James Harden this season. His third highest is 15 three times including against the Lakers. I'd wager he reaches his season high of 19 before we're done here today.
Two former Diamondbacks prospects were taken in the Rule 5 today. Sam McWilliams (traded to Rays for Steven Souza Jr.) went to the Royals. Elvis Luciano (traded to KC for Jon Jay) went to the Blue Jays. That neither was protected after being acquired is interesting.
What does today's trade between the #Indians and #Mariners say about each team's direction?

We're breaking down the #WinterMeetings as @CliffCorcoran joins @WongSN590 and @PTSProducer NEXT on #SNTonight! *Text us at 590590*

Listen live🎙: https://t.co/VXgyFfR24Z
"He idolized and worshipped Jack. The one who made him what he is today, his talent, was really Jack." Jack Reyna's legacy and memory live on through his sibling and #USMNT prospect Giovanni (by @GrantWahl) https://t.co/ifhZrcXLCd
Take a look at Sheldon Rankins’ media availability from today ⚜️

Suns owner Robert Sarver announced in a video message to fans today: “The Phoenix Suns are not leaving Phoenix. I am 100 percent committed and have been for the last four years to find a solution to keep them in downtown Phoenix where they belong.”
I watched Kentucky Basketball practice today. And...
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Random thought, but Andrea Bargnani would've put up some big numbers in today's 3-point happy NBA. "Il Mago" shot 37% from deep over his first 5 seasons on just 3.7 3PA per game. Double those attempts and he's an easy 20-25 PPG scorer … while giving it all back on the other end.
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Congratulations @Benjii_Izii and the rest of w@staderennaisho move on to the Round of 3⃣2⃣with their win today ⬇
📸 @staderennais
Today with @AlanHickey5aa - @Raa @UniofAdelaide @SAPoliceNews @RoryMcClaren9 @HeartAust @BOM_SA @AdelCentralMkt + what is your favourite song that you sing in the shower? Your calls 82230000
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