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Zach Charbonnet had himself a game vs. Calabasas under the #FridayNightLights.

196 yards rushing. Seaon-high 3 touchdowns.


For this, the @OaksChrstnLions ⭐ has been named our Player of the Week via @GregBiggins of @247Sports.

#FOXPrepZone | @zachcharbon
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The BAD: @jasonrmcintyre took a bath this weekend on his NFL picks going 1-4

The GOOD: New Coming Up Winners is out NOW & JMac is willing to put money in YOUR pocket by sending in the game of your choice using the hashtag

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Chris Sale/Clayton Kershaw has to be the best matchup to open a WS this decade. Other best-of-the-decade Game 1 matchups, IMO: Gullett/Tiant 1975, Denny/McGregor 1983, Maddux/Hershiser 1995, Mussina/Schilling 2001. (And pretty much every Game 1 in the 60s.)
Remember him from last year's NFC Championship Game?

He got a big surprise from the Eagles and the NFL this week.

That, and an appearance from @GrittyNHL, in this week's Swipe UpDate with @TarynHatchehttps://t.co/x6hRQPnSBqr:
#Blackhawks assign defenseman Gustav Forsling to the @goicehogs.

The defenseman missed all of training camp while recovering from wrist surgery and has yet to appear in a game this season.

Rival fans were out in full force during the Wild Card Game, making all kinds of promises.

So we’re checking in with @killersocks0130, @CharlieRudder and @Whitesoxbrendan for a progress report on these. 🤔
Sunday's game at Raymond James Stadium was disjointed, improbable, and unprecedented. This week's Data Crunch is the same: a jumble of unconnected oddities.

📰 » https://t.co/ev1Ot4Hfmf

Blake Bortles starting against Eagles in Disappointing Desperate Doug Bowl. Don't know if a London game has ever had this much at stake at midseason for both teams.
Mesut Ozil's performance in this game!
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