Saudi Arabia Egypt / Qatar United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are resuming postal service to Qatar following a similar move by the United Arab Emirates

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Saudi Arabia Egypt / Qatar United Arab Emirates

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Worth noting that while Pres Trump spoke out today against mail-in voting, he cast a mail-in ballot in the Florida presidential primary last month in Palm Beach County. He changed his official residence from NY to FL last year in a tiff with NY officials.

Second Riverside County sheriff's deputy dies in California after contracting coronavirus

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3M said it is raising domestic mask production, importing masks from its plant in China and taking action against price-gouging on masks

Nearly 10M Americans filed for unemployment in the last 2 weeks of March after a wave of coronavirus layoffs hit the country. But behind those 10M are many more who can’t file because of crashing websites and clogged phone lines.

Coronavirus unemployment guide: Here’s everything you need to know if you’ve lost your job or been furloughed because of the spread of covid-19

Spain overtakes Italy in virus cases, though death rate slows

Air Canada to provide protective gowns, eyewear to flight crew amid COVID-19 pandemic. Starting Sunday, the gowns are to be worn over uniforms.

Kushner reportedly hindered the U.S. response to the coronavirus threat, as his real estate company may benefit from the $2 trillion rescue package

WATCH: Sailors cheer Navy captain who was ousted after pleading for help with coronavirus outbreak

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