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A clinical trial is underway using anti-HIV drugs to treat cases of the new coronavirus

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Lush offers public free hand washes to halt coronavirus spread

Britain's oldest man is now the oldest man in the world following the death of the previous record holder

Locust invasion in East Africa: Warmer seas are creating more rain, wakening dormant eggs, and cyclones that disperse the swarms are getting stronger and more frequent by @OvaskaOvaska  @samugranados  @Da_Pacific  @ReutersGraphics 

“Tío Bernie,” as many of his Latino supporters affectionately call him, owes much of his success to the campaign’s outreach efforts.

Former Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh sentenced to 3 years in 'Healthy Holly' children's book scandal

@rickwtyler : "I think Bernie Sanders is among the weakest candidates for things you could attack him on going into the general election-I'm not sure Bernie Sanders would win one state on super Tuesday were it not for so many other moderate candidates in the race." #AMRstaff 

We've come a long way, but the fight isn’t over and our rights are still under assault. This #InternationalWomensDay , let us be the wake-up call the world needs. Let us be #GenerationEquality . #IWD2020 

Prosecutors had called for a sentence of 4-5 years, while Catherine Pugh’s attorneys asked for 1 year and a day. On Thursday, the former Baltimore Mayor was sentenced to 3 years in federal prison.

Imagine honest & interesting convo w/a libertarian & a nationalist conservative on deplatforming, ConInc, gatekeeping, Israel, campus wars, endless wars & generational divide. You won't see one at #CPAC2020  - but @ComicDaveSmith  & @NickJFuentes  did here:

Vice President Pence: "Bernie Sanders even called the president's decision in his words 'assassinating a government official.' I've got news for Bernie Sanders, Soleimani was not some government official, he was a terrorist and President Trump was right to take him down." #CPAC