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Latest Scoops

Elizabeth Warren DNA test finds far-off American Indian heritage https://t.co/XXXWd7C1Wf
Donald Trump's claim of currency manipulation tested in Treasury report https://t.co/F16UFDFjF0
A top-spending Republican group has largely abandoned Trump's tax law as a campaign theme https://t.co/tfFf4f2Szy
Donald Trump's tax law fails to kill off corporate America's prized dodge https://t.co/QoBGwzE0Au
BREAKING: The Saudi king ordered an internal investigation into the disappearance of prominent journalist Jamal Khashoggi at its Istanbul consulate, Saudi official says https://t.co/C9byOTtxHE
Khashoggi murder claim gives Turkey leverage over both Saudi Arabia and Trump https://t.co/4KkaRGtIkn
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Talks are deadlocked, deadlines are slipping and it's looking like a messy week for Brexit https://t.co/M7mGL4mnss
The reason you haven't had a pay rise? It may be a phenomenon known as monopsony https://t.co/I33KYrFFiD
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle arrived in Sydney ahead of a 16-day tour of Australia and the South Pacific https://t.co/TnOfTzYg3T
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