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Latest Scoops

Duterte is beefing up the Philippines' military and police ranks https://t.co/UlOuJ5HXox
Tesla gets a subpoena from the SEC regarding Elon Musk’s effort to take the company private https://t.co/Pl23gaGe9o
How rich professionals are using pension plans as a tax dodge https://t.co/68JZI65RRM
Twitter temporarily restricts conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' account https://t.co/Hr6CDgkc8m
Elon Musk will likely need clearance from U.S. national-security officials for any proposal to take Tesla private with Saudi financing https://t.co/RGgRxHDbUK
Merkel reminds Erdogan he has a potential ally in Berlin https://t.co/XWLOyreSRD
Turkey drops off the U.S. government’s list of major owners of Treasury debt, following in Russia's footsteps https://t.co/xyfBJs3pM6
Brazil Workers’ Party formally registers Lula's application to run for president https://t.co/rOMMsHOPME
Five sticking points keeping Trump and Xi from a trade deal https://t.co/bDP2UbPS6W
Trump's embrace of populist rulers is now expanding to Hungary's Orban https://t.co/456qJXd1Vi
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