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Kim Jong Un is not expected to visit South Korea before the end of the year https://t.co/jU7MVqI6AN
Theresa May has vowed to fight a confidence vote later. But if she loses, these people could replace her as Britain's PM https://t.co/eqsuU7A88P
A new election in Italy could cement Salvini’s position as the country’s leading politician
Indonesian President Joko Widodo will double cash handouts to the poor next year ahead of general elections in April https://t.co/YdBYegLCrD
The damage to China’s economy from the trade war with the U.S. is already done, Citi says https://t.co/DWMnv7TQJV
"I have devoted myself unsparingly to these tasks ever since I became prime minister, and I stand ready to finish the job."

Theresa May says she'll fight for her premiership when a confidence vote is held later https://t.co/ginDu6AinX
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BREAKING: Theresa May vows to contest the confidence vote she faces later "with everything I've got" https://t.co/ginDu6AinX
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👇 Theresa May responds after learning she faces a confidence vote https://t.co/ginDu6RTMx https://t.co/vBfurz5Aut
Despite triggering a confidence vote, it's not a given that Theresa May will be ousted later.

Her opponents needed only 48 MPs to get this far, but now require 158 to win the ballot https://t.co/w1WaLl7Vit
President Erdogan’s silence on interest rates is doing little to soothe market worry that Turkey’s central bank could act too soon to loosen policy https://t.co/5EvmwSZ3E7
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