Nordics / Greenland / Sweden / Norway / Finland

Trump has a weird fixation on the Nordics: Tried to buy Greenland Got involved in A$AP Rocky's case in Sweden Would like more immigrants from "places like Norway" Thought Finland prevented forest fires with regular raking

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Nordics / Greenland / Sweden / Norway / Finland

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As the Craic vs Crack debate reignites, let me remind you that Christy Moore spelt it “crack” as late as the 1980s and (younger people need trust me on this bit) nobody argued otherwise.

Ireland earn bonus point after powering past Scotland with physical display

Between January and August, 1,270 square miles of Indonesian forest and farmland have been consumed by flames. Nearly 3,000 fires are currently raging, with little hope that they'll be put out before October

Wow. Just wow. ‘We will scrap Ofsted’: Labour makes radical election pledge

The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK presents *SoulCharmer777 OMG!!! I tried to bring your minds to the mountain with me, but now it's time 4 YOU to EXPERIENCE it first hand while watching & feeling your heart race as you cling onto the side of a cliff.

#CarFreeDay imagine city streets with no cars. Not even electric ones. Kind of pleasant. #goldborneroad  London

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The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Kenya @ChineseKenya  will be at The #KorogaFestival  to build relationships and appreciate the win-win mutual cooperation between Kenya and China. Visit their stand to learn more.

These kids got talent!!! So much energy. dancin yeah hey amiga sho ma da doggie sho ma da doggie And they saved the best one for last RT *angie_karan Happy kids, smiling, dancing Love them too much!! 💗 💗 💓 💓 Rt via *BuxomBroad

@realDonaldTrump  may deliver 30-minute speech at the 'Howdy, Modi' event: Here's what to expect #HowdyModi  #narendramodi