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Before you say that high minimum wages kill jobs and growth, read this by @Matthew_Winkler 

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"There are now more than 50 countries which allow cannabis for medical use and I think we're going to see a lot more following this vote."

The issue of pay for student nurses can't be looked at without also considering the rest of the public sector, Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has said.

“On the night of the wedding, they will finish up in the same bed together so surely be to god there should be nothing wrong with being on a dancefloor together” – Healy Rae on wedding restrictions.

Here are 5 financial rules of thumb that were becoming obsolete even before Covid-19 arrived:

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⁉️ Is this the best backyard setup in Australia? 🏏 After sharing a vid from the gents at WCG Backyard Cricket (see below in our feed) we think maybe it is! If you've got a backyard to rival this, send us a pic! Let the battle of the backyards begin!

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Researchers found that California skilled nursing homes with a greater share of Black and Latino residents had higher rates of #COVID19  cases and deaths — and that disparity is growing.

Tabling politics during the holidays. Advice and witty wisdom from @RaymondArroyo  and a look at his beautiful new book #TheSpiderWhoSaved Christmas. If you need some Christmas cheer LISTEN #LivinTheBream 

279,000 Americans dead in the pandemic. To remember those lives lost is to honor their humanity but also to think about our own mortality. How we would like to be remembered by those who love us. The good we do is a representation of the kindness and compassion in our hearts.

Ousted cybersecurity chief Krebs to Trump: 'These constant attacks ... are very dangerous'