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Capitalism isn’t working right. The U.S. economy is growing, but workers are seeing less and less of the benefits

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Border roads noticeably quiet after Donegal goes to Level 3

Coronavirus: Further 430 cases reported in State is most in a day since April

Eamon Ryan interview: ‘The whole idea that we’re going to build big motorways into Dublin, to get commuters in, it’s so out of date now’

“If we don’t get the baseline right at this point in time, potentially in October, November and December when we have the flus and everything else going on, we will have a disaster.” Dr Graham Fry@TMBClinics  on @BreakfastNT  with @SeanDefoe 

Fans of Bruce Springsteen better tune into @edsongsofpraise  next as he is doing an Ed's Songs Of Praise for The Boss's birthday so expect to hear a couple of hours filled with your faves. BABY, WE WERE BORN TO #songsofbrucepraisen '>RUNN #songsofbrucepraiseN !!!

Derry, Strabane and Donegal Covid-19 case rates lack ‘clear signal’

California's John Catlin wins Irish Open, queuing overnight to buy homes in Carlow, mural pays tribute to President Michael D Higgins's late dog Síoda... Images of the Weekend, selected by Deputy Picture Editor Laura Hutton @laurahutts 

This September Newstalk goes Green with @RepakRecycling . Do you know what you can and can’t recycle? Shane and @ciarakellydoc  took the test on Newstalk Breakfast. #repakteamgreen 

“It's a really good test that we have at this point in time, and it's certainly not driving up case numbers here.”

Whatever insurance agency issued the Professional Liability Ins to the crooked FBI agents who only got it knowing that they may need it because they were breaking the law should void those policies ASAP. If the Govt. paid for it should be public & we should know who & how much!