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The Tipping Point experiment today requires clear weather to gather usable data. We’ve delayed launch until 11:40 AM CDT / 16:40 UTC to allow for the cloud cover to clear in West Texas. Stay tuned for updates. #NewShepard 

Live NS-13 Mission webcast starts soon on . Tune in here:

We’ve detected a potential issue with the power supply to the experiments. Launch is scrubbed for today. New launch target forthcoming.

#NewShepard NS-13 mission with @NASA  Tipping Point experiment is now slated for launch at 10:00 AM CDT / 15:00 UTC tomorrow, Sept. 25. Webcast starts T-30 minutes.

Update: #NewShepard  NS-13 launch is a no go for today. We are working to verify a fix on a technical issue and taking an extra look before we fly. New launch target forthcoming.

We’re go for launch this morning at 8:35 AM CDT / 13:35 UTC. The live webcast starts soon on . Tune in here:

Congrats to the Blue Origin team for another successful launch. #NewShepard  #LaunchLandRepeat