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Sources told @dlippman ⁩ Amy Coney Barrett’s book advance was $2 million

SCOOP: Biden to unveil long-awaited executive action on guns - POLITICO

Biden's infrastructure plan is stretching the definition of the word. Here's our back-of-the-napkin breakdown of what's "infrastructure" -- and not -- in the $2 trillion package:

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SCOOP: Pompeos violated rules on use of State Department resources, IG finds

. @brakktonbooker ⁩ asks the question on many a mind: Can one guilty verdict have a lasting impact? How much does one case matter.


In days of yore, tweeting out a doctored video cribbed from Infowars would be resignation territory for a White House press secretary. Now, it's just Thursday.

The way Obama goes after these protesters is absolutely chilling

This is INSANE. Erdogan’s goons rough up Kurdish protesters ON EMBASSY ROW, as D.C. cops valiantly try to stop them.

Dear confused people: It's not a "leak" if you are a private citizen sharing unclassified recollections.

It came out yesterday that Trump’s personal attorney was meeting with an active Russian agent who is now under sanctions and it’s been already forgotten

The RNC announces there will be no GOP platform for the convention — just support for Trump’s second-term agenda, whatever that is

Epidemiologists are warning that Florida’s slowness in closing beaches created a situation in which spring break partiers spread the virus all over the country

Can't make it up: The leading pick to run the Census Bureau is the author of a book called "Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections Are Bad for America.”