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I do not understand the purpose of news outlets endorsing candidates. Voters don’t distinguish between reporting and editorial sides of the newsroom. hurts the credibility of the reporters.

We did something different this time: pre-fact checked the debate

Wow — Scott Reed resigns from the chamber of commerce as it endorses Democrats

Biden, getting frustrated, says, "Will you shut up, man?" Total loss of control thus far from Wallace.

The next moderator needs the power to cut the mics.

Trying to picture the C-Span dude moderating this Wrestlemania tonight.

Trump keeps talking about the $3.5 million that he says the wife of the mayor of Moscow gave Hunter Biden. We looked into that:

Trump is getting away with a raft of misinformation on mail-in ballots here.

Last night’s debate was like a YouTube comment section come to life.

One of the unresolved mysteries is why nobody seems to have briefed Comey about doubts within the bureau over the credibility of the Steele dossier, per the @nytmike  book.


Have never seen the Trump White House mobilize to deny a story faster and more vigorously than this Atlantic article.

The way Obama goes after these protesters is absolutely chilling

It came out yesterday that Trump’s personal attorney was meeting with an active Russian agent who is now under sanctions and it’s been already forgotten

The RNC announces there will be no GOP platform for the convention — just support for Trump’s second-term agenda, whatever that is

This is INSANE. Erdogan’s goons rough up Kurdish protesters ON EMBASSY ROW, as D.C. cops valiantly try to stop them.

Dear confused people: It's not a "leak" if you are a private citizen sharing unclassified recollections.

The synagogue has mistakenly placed its beehives to make honey maybe six inches over the property line, so Mark McCloskey destroyed them with a sledgehammer

Epidemiologists are warning that Florida’s slowness in closing beaches created a situation in which spring break partiers spread the virus all over the country