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It stung! The kid has an arm! (Not Jake, his friend.)

This is what it's like in Twitter's SF office.

Reminder. Please help us celebrate by contributing to the Black History Month school projects we're matching in partnership with @DonorsChoose !

We are 10X’ing the donations so get on it!

The libraries. Everyone obeys the quiet rule and there’s hardly anyone in them.

Oh yeah! Awesome. Thanks for doing this job Haley—it’s super important!

Congratulations to my friends at Liquid Death on closing an A so they can continue to grow.


I’m in Tokyo now but gotta post one more photo with my new friends @GOT7Official  #TweepTour 

tweet picture

We just met and broadcasted with @GOT7Official  and had a blast!

agreeing that popcorn can be fun but it should stand on its own merit - the outrageous boxes are are really just patronizing the noble k ...

Here’s two more just for you.

getting my odeo folks on this deal

Photos: me teaching how to do the 'Twitter Flap' that taught us in . And, a massive selfie by in the Japan office. Much love here in Japan. #TweepTour 

wishing I had another sammich

Originally, our constraint was 160 (limit of a text) minus username. But we noticed got 1 more than . For fairness, we chose 140. Now texts are unlimited. Also