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Leader of the Opposition. Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Federal Member for Maribyrnong.

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Congratulations to the Elliott 7 sailing team on their victory today, Team Australia’s first gold medal in the 2018 Invictus Games.

#invictusgames2018 #gameondownunder
Fantastic to meet @TuriaPitt this morning. Just a truly inspirational Australian.
Writing a message of support for the Invictus Games - good luck to all the athletes competing, Australia is behind you every step of the way. #InvictusGames2018 #GameOnDownUnder
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Thank you Tim for flying the Labor flag in Wentworth, and congratulations Kerryn on an extraordinary victory.

There’s a clear message - the voters of Wentworth have rejected the Morrison Government’s chaos, instability and lack of vision for our nation.

Congratulations to Labor’s candidate @Timpmurray and his hardworking team on a fabulous campaign in Wentworth. They’ve done a fantastic job fighting for a better future for Wentworth - for action on climate change, and against the Liberals’ attacks on the ABC. #wentworthVotes
It was a privilege for Chloe and me to meet the Duke and Duchess of Sussex this afternoon to discuss their visit to Australia, including the Invictus Games, and their great work in youth mental health.
Why do the banks think they can keep getting away with this? Because they know a prime minister who voted 26 times to block the banking royal commission will never get tough with them.

Given the wonderful spotlight that Invictus puts upon veterans, disability and the nation's sport, I'm pleased the Prime Minister has agreed to Labor's request to revive the Australian Sports Medal - an award that recognises Australian achievements in sport.
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Wishing the @AussieDiamonds the best of luck today against the @SilverFernsNZ #godiamonds #battleofnations #ConCup18
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