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This is the year. This is 2020 and there are only three ways Trump goes: impeachment, election, or fried chicken. And I don’t have faith in the first or the third, so we are going to have to make that happen.

Last night after the show in Maui. Some of these people were not even paid, ahem... Thank u for supporting us, fabulous Maui audience!

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If one more candidate up there tonight says "The real question is" "the real issue is", I'm going to...I'm going to have another drink, that's what! Also, can the moderaters shut the fuck up for ten seconds and let these people finish a thought?! #NotASeriousCountry 

What could be more antithetical to liberalism than calling another human Your Highness? #Megxit  #SJW  #RealTime 

Congratulations to Meghan and Harry for taking my advice last night - wink wink - and going all the way! #BarelyRegal .

About Hillary's comments on Bernie and getting the Democrats fighting with each other: rethinking the whole "Lock her up" thing... That's an LOL in case you're stupid.


Message to Trump voters: Vote Democrat, because as soon as this election is over, no one will give a shit about the caravan. But you'll still have diabetes.

What's going on in NC, WI and MI is not getting nearly enough attention - this 'let's strip all of the Democrats' powers before they take office' - they never stop going lower. Media, do. your. fucking. job!!

Why can’t Democrats learn to do what Republicans do and just repeat 1 point that seals your case, as: “You said Mexico wld pay for the wall”...just say that 1 thing and nothing else till this mess is over! What else needs to be said?

Don't forget to set clocks back so we get an extra hour of laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and wondering how everything turned to shit

Tanks in the streets now? Shall we review the Dictator Checklist? You're a narcissist who likes to put his name on appoint family members to key govt positions..your rallies are threaten to lock up political opponents..your friends are other dictators

It seems @realDonaldTrump  was accidentally watching Real Time again tonight. Hope he saw this offer to him at the end. #Prickstarter  #TakeTheMoney 

As his speakership winds down and the U S posts "the widest Nov budget deficit on record" let's all reflect on the gutless, intellectual fraud that was Paul Ryans's career.

A prez shld really check where his own country is in the rankings for literacy, infant mortality, life expectancy, infrastructure, income inequality, percentage of women in govt, etc before saying who's the shithole country...