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Founder, Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States. Follow @clintonfdn for more on my work around the world.

Latest Scoops

.@JP_Books and I had a great time writing The President is Missing. If you haven’t already, order a copy today!

Arnav Dalmia co-founded Cubii, a product designed to help address the profound health consequences of prolonged sitting by incorporating fitness into everyday routines.
Christine Schindler, founder of Girls Engineering Change, is making the world a better place by encouraging girls to dream big and pursue STEM fields.
@DaquanOliver . is the founder of WeThrive, a non-profit that provides low-income middle and high school students with entrepreneurial mentorship and training.
@MinkaraSara . founded Empowerment Through Integration & is working tirelessly to enable people with disabilities to participate fully in the world.
@JacobTobia . is supporting people across the country to embrace the full complexity of gender. They work nationally to influence the conversation and culture surrounding gender fluidity.
We founded @CGIU in 2007 to engage the next generation of leaders—& every year I'm awed by the many ways these young people are addressing issues around the world.
Glad to be in Chicago for our 11th annual @CGIU with hundreds of young leaders and innovators. Hope you'll tune in & learn more about some of their incredible projects: https://t.co/M9K7pwyATY#CGIU2018
An @CGIUd students Danielle Adams, Margaret Wang, and Ashley Castro fr @UChicagoom are increasing mental health services for those affected by gun violence in Chicago communities. I look forward to learning about their commitment #CGIU2018 at next week.
We are proud to support our @CGIU students turning #IdeasIntoAction through critically important mental health initiatives. Katie Sgarro is working to help LGBTQ people seek refuge from persecution in their home countries. https://t.co/Brr7BCqCZR
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