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Founder, Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States. Follow @clintonfdn for more on my work around the world.

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Every day @SpecialOlympics athletes celebrate inclusion. Join them for the 1st ever Global Day of Inclusion. Show your support & take the ple#InclusionRevolutiondge: andhttps://t.co/SZmt9XQwmy celebrate amazing athletes on the global stage for the .#SpecialOlympics50
On what would have been his 100th birthday, when his vision for an inclusive community is once again under attack in the U.S. and across the world, we should remember Nelson Mandela not just for who he was, but also for his conviction about who we can still become. #MandelaDay
Thrilled to have you visit today! I enjoyed meeting you, your family and co-workers over lunch.
I look forward to speaking with my friend President George W. Bush today at the 2018 @PLSprogram graduation ceremony @ClintonCenter. Hope you'll tune in: https://t.co/hSRp2c0bZm
Bob Ray was an honorable man and an excellent governor. He believed politics was noble and treated everyone with kindness and decency. Serving with him was an honor. I hope what he believed and how he acted on it will once again become a model others will follow.
150 years ago today, the 14th Amendment was ratified, granting all people in the US equal protection under the law.
Since then, it has been the foundation of our ongoing efforts to make America a more inclusive nation of equal opportunities and responsibilities. It’s a cornerstone of our extraordinary economic success, social cohesion, and political influence around the world.
In spite of the benefits equal protection has brought to all of us, it is under relentless attack today. We have to fight to protect and strengthen it. Our children’s future depends on our resolve.
E pluribus unum — out of diversity comes a deeper strength and unity rooted in the timeless ideals we celebrate today. It's "We the People" not "Us vs. Them." Happy 4th of July!
Going up to Maine and spending time with you is one of my favorite times of the year. Happy to see you.
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