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@Zedd  on @BTS_twt  collab: "Hopefully it's going to happen this year"

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How everyone who cares about justice and dignity and health and safety isn’t filling their timelines with this is worrisome. We’ll never know the truth again. Not that we ever knew enough about the numbers, but now any possibility of transparency is gone.

Nick Cannon Demands Full Ownership of ‘Wild ‘N Out,’ Says ViacomCBS on ‘Wrong Side of History’ via @variety 

Gratitude is an exercise, you worked out today?

The media has been viciously attacking @realDonaldTrump  for advocating for letting students return to school in the fall. But just watch what happens when they ask pediatricians if they agree. Wait for the NBC anchor's stunned reaction at the end 🤣

The "experts" and media continue to tell us #BlackLivesMatter  protests are safe, but allowing businesses to open safely and kids go back to school are not. And they wonder why Americans have lost faith in them.

TRUMP on BIDEN: ‘He Never Did Anything Except Make Very Bad Decisions’ for 47 Years

DEAR DIARY: CNN’s Acosta Laments ‘Trump Soiled the WH Rose Garden’ During Address on China