We were not ready for this! #BBMAs 

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who and where are the cute lesbians and bi girls of Instagram? having social media and being famous fucking sucks the only accounts suggested to me are 1 (one) thousand male DJs

This @fentybeauty  #SlipShineLipstickChallenge  is a kiiiiii!!! Ugh! By the 3rd time, it turns into all kinds of Ship Slime-Shit Shine madness! How many times y’all could say #SlipShineLipstick  in a row? Cause me and Jenn clearly suck!!!

Praying for your speedy recovery Sir. Love and prayers 🙏🏻

Watch out for the friends that hold their applause for your wins… but give standing ovations to strangers in the same field as you...

Donald Trump has worn a mask for the first time in the public eye 👀

I’ll holla at cha later 💋