Mattel released teasers of the upcoming BTS doll collection. See all the details here:

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I just bumped into my neighbour, a young black man and we had the most amazing conversation about what’s going on in the world. He himself grew up in an area where racism was rampant, had many sad dealings with brutal law enforcement. But.......

His attitude is one that I had goosebumps listening to. He said he always tries to look forward, he wants to educate people, he doesn’t want people rioting in the streets for him. He wants people to protest peacefully and as I said ‘educate people’. Protest safely for our friends

Since Trump decided to cause absolute chaos yesterday with those peaceful protestors so he could get pictures and video for his propaganda team, I figured I'd add a few more clips from the know...just to see if they'd want to use this version instead.

The main reason di Blasio is so solicitous of the looters is that he sees HIMSELF in them. A younger di Blasio would be one of them. Even di Blasio today hasn’t changed very much—looting is still the centerpiece of his socialist ideology #nyclooters 

“You cannot enjoy the rhythm and ignore the blues” This is incredibly powerful from @claraamfo  on the death of George Floyd, racism and its effect on her own mental health.

What the world is not talking about: Excessive Force is not just perpetuated on Blacks. Anybody can get it!!!!!

Wow. Slowly but surely, the truth drips out... 👇

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GIULIANI on DE BLASIO: ‘The Mayor Should Step Down, He’s Incompetent’

I’m told #BlackOutTuesday  is for white folks to learn/talk about racism? New shooting of a Black man for your agenda. David McAtee was killed by Louisville cops Sunday night. At noon Monday, his body was still there. Left dead in the street for 12 hours.