Behind-the-scenes at the #GRAMMYs  with @BTS_twt  ?

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The #90DayFianceBeforeThe90Days  couple's relationship may be doomed before their planned nuptials.

Cummings is giving lots of anecdotal detail but no political account of why Johnson was not in charge of his crucial aide... he admits he went out into the woods (but not the property) - but...

What video the streets need more

“We drove for half an hour... and we were shocked to find we hadn’t left Daddy’s land” #cumgate  #dominiccummings 

Oh he went for a test drive. @BorisJohnson  probably thought of that one. He used to do it for a magazine.

Oh what a load of f*cking bollocks.. he drove 30 miles to the castle to check his eyesight??! Shut up Cummings, we’re not mugs.

Barnard castle trip is confirmed... what was denied yesterday by Johnson is actually true.