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With clothing and retail stores resuming operations after NCR was placed under MECQ, malls have introduced new rules for fitting, returning & exchanging items. The Fisher Mall in Quezon City has implemented a “no fitting of clothing items” policy. #COVID19Quarantine  @ABSCBNNews 

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Customers are not allowed to try on sunglasses as well. The mall management has also suspended its “return and exchange” policy. #COVID19Quarantine  @ABSCBNNews 

In SM Makati, meanwhile, customers are still allowed to try on clothing items. Fitting rooms are sanitized before customers enter. #COVID19Quarantine  @ABSCBNNews 

WATCH: Unsold clothes, shoes and accessories are placed in a box and brought to the mall’s UV disinfecting room. #COVID19Quarantine  @ABSCBNNews 

WATCH: Items that are returned by customers are cleaned and disinfected with a UV wand for 15 minutes before they can be displayed in the store again. #COVID19Quarantine  @ABSCBNNews