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Who's responsible for the mayhem in Mumbai? BMC's Leader of Opposition, @ravirajaINC  & BJP leader @tuhins  blame the @DisasterMgmtMum  #mumbairainsm #talktobhupenissioner'>Co #MumbaiRainsm #TalkToBhupenissioner

Mumbai deluge: Is it a political problem or an engineering problem? Where does the buck stop? Political Analyst@rajalakshmij , who's a Mumbaikar herself, expresses her views on #TalkToBhupen  Watch the full video:  #MumbaiRains 

ATTENTION all Mumbaikars!! As the rain wreaks havoc and channels go crazy about Sushant Singh Rajput's death, we want to know how you're coping with the incessant downpour. Call us on 9908312275/9949512275 and let us be your voice on #TalkToBhupen  at 8:10 PM #MumbaiRains 

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‘I always tell newcomers in Bollywood to have a graduation degree first because only 1% in this industry get success’ - Film director @imbhandarkar  speaks about #Depression  on #TalkToBhupen 

Do we know enough about loneliness or depression? Do people talk about it openly? Youtuber@nabeelafridi4  & @RjAyushiet  their views in on #peopleeditorull '>#PeopleEditorull  video, here: #TalkToBhupen  #Depression 


Simply put , @narendramodi  is the best PM India has ever had. People will continue to find faults in him, as they must , in any democracy , But his constant / consistent communication with citizens, puts him in a differnt league. #PMinLeh 

#CoronaVirusUpdates : Huge story. A big school in Noida closes down. A birthday party was thrown by the person who has tested positive for corona. several children of this school were present at that party. Now we don’t know how many others came in contact with this group

Within the medical fraternity , there is near unanimity that @narendramodi  led Govt has handled #CoronaOutbreak  brilliantly. Here’s hoping that he announces some tough measures today to ensure people are quarantined for a week. If we beat this week, we will come out fine

One of the three adopted villages by ⁦⁩ . One has to come and see “Atal nagar”. A Dalit Basti in jayapur. Unbelievable turnaround. #viewpoint 

A huge shout out to @RSSorg  workers for working tirelessly to provide food and help to the needy. In many parts of west delhi, the organisation has done more than the local agencies. #coronaupdatesindia  @rajiv_tuli69 

Any media house , which has played with its employees lives by forcing them to attend work, frankly needs to be shown the strongest arm of Law. It’s criminal, disgusting and shameful if people who are testing positive , have been forced to come to work. #Corona 

Travelling early morning towards rampur. What a joy it is to drive on these roads now. @nitin_gadkari  really turning road sector around. Only when you travel and see these developments , u realise difference between @INCIndia  and @BJP4India  #viewpoint 

The plot is thickening. All concerned agencies say #EVMHack  never worked with them. Was he a fraud? What was this journalists association in UK doing entertaining this fraud ? Who invited ? Who paid for venue? Who organised PR for the event ?

There is no doubt that has cracked down real hard against traditional power brokers in Delhi. One sees the difference all the time now. #MyIndiaMyPride