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So @AjitPawarSpeaks  could well end up taking oath as deputy CM for the second time in less than a week. Wow. @MumbaiNCP  wants him to be deputy CM. From hero to villain to hero again. This has been the best family political soap that we would have seen in the longest time

. Maharashtra. As gets set to take over @OfficeofUT , a look at exactly who has been the biggest winner and who the biggest loser

On my morning walk today, huge disdain for comments made by #PragyaSinghThakur  . Shows middle classes do remain engaged with politics. She really has no place in parliament. Period. #viewpoint 

“Secular “ appears in the first line of this common minimum program between @ShivSena ⁩ @INCIndia ⁩ and @MumbaiNCP ⁩

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@Dev_Fadnavis now trying to get into “sympathy “ space for himself. If only he hadn’t fallen into the trap last Saturday , who knows what we would have got this Saturday. As he builds a case on constitution, remember SC is still looking at role of @maha_governor 

Women shouldn’t move outdoors beyond 8 pm says @trspartyonline  boss KCR, GDP is irrelevant says Nishikant Dubey , any criticism is anti national say various ministers. Political class at its peak today.

I wonder who needs to stay indoors post 8 pm. Women, who are being harassed in disgusting ways , or men who appear to have no concern et all for rule of law. Let men stay in post 8 pm I say if they can’t follow basic discipline.

Difficult to think rationally in #hyderabadpolice  encounter case. The brutality of crime so huge , some strong message needed to go to anyone who doesn’t believe in women’s safety. #EncounterNight 

A recent survey done by @sanjaycsds  on state of Indian police , where cops themselves were surveyed, points out to how cops believe biggest problem for them is political intervention. #hyderabadpolice  encounter is a great example. @trspartyonline  must have instructed.Cops do rest

I really think this ridiculous nature of holding opposition accountable has to come to an end. Pollution , economy , rape , how can we keep holding opposition responsible when they have out of business for five years? Question everyone


At a recent function, i met someone who asked me to name the biggest achievement of @narendramodi  . When I gave her various political feats in terms of electoral performances, the person just smiled and said that " there have been no terror strikes across India for five years".

One of the three adopted villages by ⁦⁩ . One has to come and see “Atal nagar”. A Dalit Basti in jayapur. Unbelievable turnaround. #viewpoint 

Travelling early morning towards rampur. What a joy it is to drive on these roads now. @nitin_gadkari  really turning road sector around. Only when you travel and see these developments , u realise difference between @INCIndia  and @BJP4India  #viewpoint 

The plot is thickening. All concerned agencies say #EVMHack  never worked with them. Was he a fraud? What was this journalists association in UK doing entertaining this fraud ? Who invited ? Who paid for venue? Who organised PR for the event ?

Bang in the middle of election campaign, files affidavit in SC expressing " regret " for calling " chowkidar chor hai ". Now watch how this be picked up today. Big moment in election campaign today

There is no doubt that has cracked down real hard against traditional power brokers in Delhi. One sees the difference all the time now. #MyIndiaMyPride 

Economy in crisis mode, Kashmir in lockdown mode, still the biggest enemy is #KhanMarket  cabal. This is " nationalism " which is now becoming ridiculous

Interesting development on #RafaleDeal  Now chief says planes are 20% cheaper than what was promised by UPA. Who should we now believe? or IAF chief? vote

Absolutely bizzare that #GoBackModi  is trending on a day when our PM is meeting Chinese premier in #Mamallapuram  . Presence of some handles propagating this hashtag makes it look like some conspiracy being hatched against @narendramodi  by Pakistani handles. #Beware