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Ben Winston

TV/film director & exec producer, partner at @fulwell73, Exec Producer of @latelateshow , some other shows, but most importantly AFC season ticket holder

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Hey @realDonaldTrump  - we saw you struggling working out how to hold it - so we got @JKCorden  ‘s dad to help. Here Malcolm Corden Teaches Donald Trump How To Hold the Bible via @YouTube 

The open of our very emotional show last night. @JKCorden  and @reggiewatts  share their thoughts, and watch an astonishing performance from @Santandave1  hope you get a chance to watch

Well this is not a tweet I would have ever predicted

At 8pm tonight, give GAME ON a watch on CBS. It’s a fun show and we are proud of it. #gameon 

Tomorrow night at 8 on CBS. It’s a hoot.

Congratulations to you @soundbyte53  so well deserved. Delighted for you and us all.

I will never understand why people tape themselves during this stuff. And then post it when they lose? But on occasions like this, I’m so glad that they do 😂

I’d like someone to explain any of those three subs tonight.


Ed Sheeran is nowhere to be found right now. But he sent this as had 2get involved #rednoseday  Pls Txt GIVE to 80077

We knew @BTS_twt  were great singers. We knew they were incredible dancers. But what you didn’t know is they are terrific at Hide & Seek. @aplusk 

Amazing show in San Diego - the boys were incredible. Pic of @NiallOfficial  rocking out

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Putting final touches on @BTS_twt  carpool ... on tonight. #BTSCarpoolTONIGHT 

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Niall and Zayn look a little unwell. Time to follow @latelateshow 

So I have made a new music video for the legend Colin Winston. Hope you like it (oh one direction are in it to)

Shocked @Louis_Tomlinson  was arrested. Vid clearly shows he pulls 2 girls off his gf & a pap trips. Even asks staff for help.Wrongful arrest

So amazing to win video of the year at the Brits. Everyone at @Fulwell73  is delighted. Huge congrats esp to @GabeTurner73  @bigboturner 

Matt Damon's entire film career in one go...