Ben Shapiro

Stores begin boarding up, schools pre-emptively cancel, and media justify their own assault based on an unrendered verdict in an individual criminal trial. The soft bigotry of low expectations is a hideous reality.

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SB19’s music showcase will be live in a few minutes! Bago ‘yan, kumustahin natin sina Pablo, Stell, Justin, Ken, at Josh sa exclusive pre-show interview na ito. #SB19MAPAShowcase 

Since 8:00 this morning, we have identified and struck 9 underground & above-ground rocket launch sites in Gaza. We will continue to operate against terrorism.

In a WhatsApp message verified by TODAY, NCID director Dr David Lye warned that the Covid-19 situation faced by Singapore is "likely more dangerous" than before, and urged the public to go beyond government restrictions.

#Exclusive #Breaking | TIMES NOW accesses Haryana Govt's report on the Covid death data which suggests that the villages with huge participation in farmers' protest saw a huge spike in the death rate. Listen in to locals from the village. | #KisanAndolanRealityCheck 

After 6 hours of silence, sirens are sounding again in southern Israel.

An assailant armed with an IED, an improvised "Carlo" submachine gun, & a knife arrived in Hebron, and attempted a combined attack on IDF soldiers. Our soldiers spotted the assailant, responded with fire & neutralized him.

🇿🇦His Excellency President@DPRamaphosa  holds bilateral meeting with His Excellency President o @PaulKagame  the Republic of 🇷 #Rwanda  ahead of the Summit for the Financing of African Economies in Paris, France. 🌍 #SAinFrance  #BetterAfricaBetterWorld 

Opinion | Almost half of Republicans are now saying the quiet part out loud: They’d prefer to ditch this whole democracy thing.

"Don't tell me that there wasn't an insurrection," Rep. Gallego says about some Congressional Republicans downplaying the Capitol riot. “It’s been about 16 years since I last saw combat, and that’s the scariest thing since combat."

The "worst problem you've never heard of" is the leading cause of Black land loss in this country. Over the years, it's seen Black families stripped of hundreds of billions $$$ in land. It's called "heirs' property."